1. 2010 - 2018: Tulio Diaz Project Manager, Event Eleven, Inc & Owner, Imagesby2 Photography

Letter dated 03/03/2021

To whom it may concern,

It's my pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation for Ethelyn, aka “E”, who during the 2010 - 2018 timeframe, worked part-time for me as Event Crew lead for Event Eleven, Inc. (a special events company in Los Angeles), and as my Photography Assistant & PhotoBooth Manager at Imagesby2 Photography. As E’s direct manager who worked closely with her throughout her time here, I was impressed with her work ethic, friendly personality, and ability to work well under pressure. I am beyond confident that she has the skills to do well in any task handed to her.

As Event Crew lead, E demonstrated superlative customer service. Our clientele is a mix of long-term VIPs and Corporate entities, and E was personable and professional toward all. Even when things got hectic during peak event hours, E kept up her energy level and attention to detail. E is thorough, friendly, and helpful, all qualities that made her an excellent addition to our staff.

To learn more about event management, E set up meetings with me throughout the summer to discuss my responsibilities as Event Project Manager. We talked about event ideas, budget management, licensing, safety guidelines, and business promotion, among other key parts of the job. E brought a lot of knowledge to the table and quickly picked up new tricks of the trade. She has a clear sense of the responsibilities of managing a business.

Last year, E went above and beyond the call of duty to help me host large functions. In particular, she assisted in producing a birthday party for Jamie Foxx, and a corporate event at the Santa Anita Race Track for 1000 guests. She proved herself to be a key asset in planning the functions and making sure everything ran smoothly. 

E has my highest recommendation for any position. She consistently impressed me and the rest of the staff with her work ethic, customer service, and burgeoning managerial skills. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any further information. Thank you for your time.


Tulio Diaz

Project Manager, Event Eleven, Inc

Owner, Imagesby2 Photography

(323) 304-5787

2. Natasha Pascetta // 2018 Halloween 40th Anniversary & LA Comic Con - Fangoria Magazine Rep

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Ethelyn Mastrangelo. 

Ethelyn reached out to our company to offer her skillset and she has quickly become a much needed asset in coordinating our events in the Los Angeles area. 

Ethelyn has assisted us with two major convention shows in Los Angeles in 2018: Halloween 40th Anniversary​, LA Comic Con, and then Monsterpalooza in 2019. Since we are not based in Los Angeles, she was on hand to help us prepare and execute these events successfully. 

I worked with her personally on Fangoria's presence at LA Comic Con, and I 100% could not have handled it without her. She set up our booth in an attractive manner, interacted with our fans in a professional and friendly way, and handled our sales reliably and thoroughly. 

Ethelyn is a rock star! She is an asset to any endeavor she joins!

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me. 

Natasha Pascetta

Natasha Pascetta
Director of Digital Production & Social Media Engagement
4100 Swiss Ave. Dallas, TX 75204 | @cinestatement
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3.  Cierra Skelton // 2017 MidSummer Scream - Volunteer Manager

To Whom It May Concern,

Ethelyn Mastrangelo joined the Midsummer Scream crew for its 2017 event taking place July 29th and 30th at the Long Beach Convention Center. She has been a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to having her on the team in the future. Her communication skills and ability to work well with large groups of guests truly make her a valuable asset to any team.

During Midsummer Scream Ethelyn worked with a vast majority of our guests. She handled our VIP, General Admission, Press, and Handicapped guests at the Terrace Theater. The Terrace Theater was the Main Stage at Midsummer Scream which hosted panels from Universal Studios, Six Flags, Knott’s, The Queen Mary, to name a few. Ethelyn played a key role in making sure the guests attending each panel, were swiftly and comfortably seated. 

I highly recommend Ethelyn for the opportunity you have available. She is a dedicated and intelligent individual who is well suited in handling customer satisfaction and working through any challenges that may arise.

If you need any additional information, please contact me.

Cierra Skelton
Volunteer Manager

4.Julia Salazar // Center For The Arts, Eagle Rock Music Festival - Executive Director

Dear Ethelyn,

Thank you for working the 2010 Eagle Rock Music Festival on October 2nd with us. I appreciate your management of over 200 Sony Music, Bank of America, and Key Club kids volunteers, distributed throughout the route on Colorado Blvd.

With your proactive hands on approach, and up beat enthusiasm, we were able to generate an additional $20,000 in revenue. The Music Festival attracted over 100,000 participants this year, and I appreciate your leadership in helping us produce this massive event.


Julia Salazar
Executive Director

5.Jason DeCosta // Sunset Strip Music Festival - Roxy Production Manager

Ethelyn Mastrangelo worked as a volunteer for the Sunset Strip Music Festival 2010 under my supervision. She handled all the duties that I instructed her on with competence and a great attitude. It was a pleasure to have her part of the festival, and I plan on having her back in 2011. I am also keeping her at the top of my list for anything that is needed production wise concerning The Roxy or The City Of West Hollywood.

6.Ruben Nava – President // Music Junkies

By way of introduction, my name is Ruben Nava and I am the owner of Music Junkies, Inc., a motion picture advertising music catalog. I am happy to provide a reference letter for Ethelyn Mastrangelo and I recommend her for potential employment.

I have known Ethelyn since 1997 and have had the opportunity to work with her. She has been an asset to our company and I would not hesitate to call on her time to time as needed. I have relied on her many times as my burgeoning workload demanded that I seek someone I could entrust to help with various administrative duties. Ethelyn was also instrumental in maintaining my outstanding Invoices, distribution of our music compositions, scheduling, and organizing bank records.

Throughout the years, Ethelyn has distinguished herself as an essential team player who also shared a sense of enthusiasm and loyalty. Among other qualities that distinguish her, is her ability to work self sufficiently and an intuition to plan ahead and forsee my needs. She is proactive and has demonstrated a willingness to learn beyond her duties, while always maintaining a level of confidence and resourcefulness.

I highly recommend, as a friend and former employer, that you consider Ethelyn Mastrangelo for employment. If I may provide any additional information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Warm Regards,

Ruben Nava
Licensor, Music Junkies, Inc