About Me:

Born in New York, and raised in Puerto Rico, I moved to Los Angeles because of my love for music and film. My aspiration was to combine the best of both worlds. Throughout the years living in this amazing city, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in various fields of the entertainment industry.

My journey began with music video production. I had the chance to travel, work alongside talented Directors, and watch their creative concepts translate into a visual art form. Each song, artist, and production was unique. One of my fondest memories as a Production Assistant was when I worked on the music video for Sir Mix-A Lot’s smash hit “Baby Got Back” at A&M studios. It was an outrageous production built around a catchy chorus, that marketing wise, served its purpose for the long term. (Till this day… this song still causes an immediate reaction, lighting up the room and compelling everyone to dance and chant to its memorable lyrics!)

Seeking to reinvent myself, I began working as an Office Coordinator for Artist Management. Truly, this era was the most formative years of my life as it was quite different from working on film shoots for different performers that came and went at the end of each production. In the management arena, I immersed myself into the daily life of each Recording Artist, and worked closely alongside their personal managers. I had to wear different hats to make our office operational, and serve as support, to each client’s new recording endeavor (touring, publicity, signings, appearances, etc.)

With good fortune on my side again, a new door opened. I was offered a Music Supervisor Assistant position. He owned a music library catalog tailored for motion picture advertising. In this new field, I learned to scrutinize music in an entirely new way. Music in trailers and promos that last approximately :30 sec or 1:00, have to convey a specific message very quickly in order to achieve the film’s marketing strategy. I also gained knowledge in identifying what kind of tracks Film Editors would find exciting and “edit friendly”.

By 2001, family and motherhood became my priority. After the birth of our second child, staying home with my daughter gave me the opportunity to find time to collaborate with my musician acquaintances. I developed my own music library called RCM, containing original & pre-existing compositions. It’s important to challenge yourself and take a chance. I’m glad I did, because our music was chosen to be part of some really exciting campaigns such as: “W, Hellboy, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Legend Of Zorro, Hide & Seek, Alien Vs. Predator, Cold Mountain, The Missing, S.W.A.T., Master Spy, 28 Days Later, The Shield, etc..” (see Media page for reel)

Several years later, changes in the economy and the music advertising industry in general, motivated me to explore other areas better suited for my personality. Pitching music from a home office can feel very isolating at times, and I missed being part of a group work setting. This is why I find myself drawn to the Special Events industry. Somewhat similar to the organization structure of music video production, I thrive in being part of a development crew that is organizing the complexities of pre-production, mid-production and breakdown of an event. I’ve since participated in several events (see Resume & Events page).

**My objective at this moment is to work part-time on a freelance basis for Special Event companies, but also for Actors or Musicians who may need personal support for specific assignments as well. I enjoy working for a variety of entities because it strengthens my skills and broadens the opportunities to network with different facets of the entertainment industry.**

I love spending time with my number #1 crew --- My husband Ralph, my beautiful aspiring screenwriter daughter Natalie, and Animation filmmaker & Clothing Designer son Nicholas! (see Fun page)

Life is good! Thank you for visiting, and I hope I can assist you with your future projects.

Ethelyn  (pronounced eh-da-lyn)